Are you a medical statistic?

Sadly, most people believe that if they’re not experiencing symptoms or pain, then they’re healthy. This belief is not only inaccurate it can also be deadly. If you consider that disease begins in our bodies long before we experience any symptoms or pain, we could very likely die before we experience any symptoms or pain.

Strokes, cancer, heart disease, diabetes arthritis, obesity are some o the common degenerative diseases developing in our bodies over a number of years. Research indicates that one out of two people who are in this process right now do not know it.

What is Bloodscan?

BloodScan is a sophisticated Nutritional and Metabolic assessment tool that practitioners use to identify the presence or absence of oxidative stress and nutritional and metabolic imbalances in the human body.

Oxidative stress also known as Free Radical Damage together with metabolic imbalances are responsible for the premature ageing of your bodies cells. This premature ageing of your cells is what causes the onset of the various degenerative diseases.

BloodScan uses hi-resolution biological laboratory microscopes and specialised software together with established, proven and credible scientific principles as the basis of its profiling system.

BloodScan does not diagnose disease or infer illness rather it identifies current health status and potential for disease risk.

BloodScan uses accepted laboratory practices in its methods and its validity has been independently established.

Whilst the basis of Nutritional and Metabolic profiling is to use nutritional and dietary strategies to correct imbalances, BloodScan is not aligned to nor does it endorse any brand or product.

Treatment options for imbalances identified in the BloodScan Metabolic Profile are at the discretion of individual practitioners.

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How the test is administered?

Your practitioner will lance a finger to obtain several drops of blood. These drops of blood are placed onto microscope slides and prepared for viewing.

Your samples are then analysed your practitioner will enter their findings into the BloodScan software. Many practitioners will display your blood on a computer monitor so that you are able to observe your own blood as the analysis is done. Your practitioner may also discuss various elements seen in your blood.

Once that the review is complete your practitioner is able to access your Nutritional and Metabolic profile results. At this stage your practitioner will discuss the results with you and suggest various courses of action to take to rectify any imbalances noted in your results.